Eternal Surrender by Ann Jacobs

Eternal Surrender - Ann Jacobs



Book 3 in the d'Argent Honor series. Lust is in the air in sultry New Orleans, where Alina d'Argent is celebrating the marriage of her cousin and the daughter of widowed businessman Sam Quill. Sam falls quickly under Alina's vampire spell, and but for Alina, Sam's the dominant lover of her fantasies. Yet there seems to be no future for them beyond this short sexual interlude, for they come from worlds too different to be bridged. An evil vampire is determined to destroy Alina. He's already wreaked havoc on her clan, and she can't shirk her responsibilities in a lover's arms, however tempting this may be. Sam is an Alpha male, uninterested in playing consort to a vampire queen, even if he were willing to be turned, which he is not. When her enemy attacks Alina, Sam steps in to save her at the cost of his own life. What he wants doesn't matter now. Alina must change him or he will die. Angry at first, Sam quickly accepts his new existence-as well as Alina's eternal surrender-and embraces a shadow life with his vampire queen. Note: Story contains scenes of same-gender and group sex.


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Oh believe me when i say this...this book gets even better then blows my mind on how these characters perform...they are just horny little devils ain't they...they say that a an aphrodisiac...well...i definitely have to agree.


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