Eternal Victory by Ann Jacobs

Eternal Victory - Ann Jacobs



Book 4 in the d'Argent Honor series. The d'Argent vampires nearly destroyed the evil Fox, Louis Reynard, only to see him recover miraculously and continue his deadly quest for vengeance, this time in sultry Miami Beach. Miami-Dade homicide detective Mara Leone is no stranger to vampires. Knowing Alex d'Argent may be the only chance she has of stopping Reynard's mad killing spree, she joins with him - in more ways than one. From past personal experience with Alex's kind, Mara is wary, but she's never met anyone as determined as the sexy vampire, and vampiric compulsion or not, the attraction is immediate - and deeper than either Alex or Mara expected. While Alex's priority is to catch the elusive Fox, the eternal bachelor soon discovers the feisty cop is the one woman he can't walk away from. Steaming vampire sex, danger, betrayal and redemption come together as the cop and the hot vampire work together to see to the final destruction of Louis Reynard. Note: Story contains one scene of same-gender sex.


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Well this book is #4...and believe me...the series gets better as it goes...i love these books...cause it sexual...and it is truly a great series...definitely had fun with the characters in this book as well.


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