Flickering Light by Elianne Adams

Flickering Light (Return To Avalore Book 0) - Elianne Adams
More than two decades after Queen Angelique’s death, Barbara Morgan struggles to find the will to go on without the queen’s light. The darkness invading her soul threatens not only her, but all of Avalore. The dragon deep within her spirit has gone dormant, refusing to face the hopelessness plaguing their people. Desperate for a break from the endless misery, she turns to Clay, igniting the passion sizzling between them for one glorious night. When the Elders announce the reigning queen still lives, Barbara faces the biggest decision of her life. Turn her back on Clay to join with her predestined mate, or condemn their entire race to extinction.
Clayton Matthews has wanted Barbara for as long as he can remember. Each day she slips farther and farther from his grasp. Stubborn gryphon that he is, he refuses to let her go, so when she turns to him for comfort he can’t deny her. He doesn’t want to. Their one night of passion isn’t enough, and he wants so much more. He’d do anything to keep her safe, but can he step aside and watch the only woman he’s ever loved be joined with another man? 
My Review
 This book definitely played with my emotions...i'm actually putting myself in Morgan's shoes loosing an important person as the Queen...represents my grandmother, and when everything changes for herself saying she had basically abandoned hope since...and let herself go...not good...And then Clayton loving her as long as he could remember...it looks like Morgan is in a tough situation to either be with her destined mate...over Clayton...I guess I will have to definitely read more of this series to find out who she decides!! Thanks Elianne for doing what you do as an author/writer for us readers you are appreciated :) Keep up with the great books...and definitely will be back...:)
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