Burned by Darkness by Alexandra Ivy

Burned by Darkness - Alexandra Ivy
The Dragons of Eternity were once creatures of myth and legend. Now they’ve returned to the world, prepared to claim what’s rightfully theirs…

Tayla is desperate for a place to call home. After years on the run, the young imp impulsively buys a teahouse and is determined to build a new life. Unfortunately, she’s barely opened the doors when she’s tracked down by the dragon who purchased her from troll slave-traders. He demands she pay off her debts…in his harem.

Baine has devoted a quarter of a century to tracking down his beautiful concubine. And now that he has her in his grasp, he’s not about to let her go. But it’s soon apparent that he isn’t the only demon hunting her. He must uncover her secrets or risk losing her forever.
My Review
4.5 Stars...Tayla wanted a fresh life, from being on the run, she settles down, opens up a little shop...and WAM in comes the dragon who had bought her as a slave...Will she run or will something kindle in her heart for her old master...from her past... This story was very interesting...will definitely have to read more soon...Will give thanks to the author for writing what you do...It's Appreciated :) 
Star Rating
4.5 Stars